The Importance of Reengaging Volunteers Post COVID

  • October 26, 2021
  • by Will Rodes

There is no denying that life across the globe changed drastically in the first quarter of 2020 for almost everyone. The rhythms and patterns that seemed to keep life moving along screeched to a halt almost overnight. Our day-to-day routines and weekly activities that were the metronome of our lives all of a sudden changed. Every person experienced this differently, but we all experienced it in some way, shape or form.

Even the global church was not immune to the brakes that COVID-19 put on our world. Each church was affected in different ways depending on their size, leadership and the governmental restrictions imposed based on their location. While most churches were able to leverage technology and shift to online services to continue sharing the gospel, many other aspects of church life had to pause. One of the most dramatic shifts that came with the change to online services was that most church volunteer opportunities ceased. 

Volunteer opportunities help to connect church members to the Body of Christ in ways that are beneficial to both the individuals and the whole church body. Many of these benefits were paused as churches went online. As in-person services have resumed, some volunteers have returned to volunteering while others have been hesitant to return. There are a myriad of reasons, ranging from restrictions or lack thereof to general health concerns, or other personal reasons. Despite this, the need for volunteers and the benefits of volunteering have never been greater for both the individuals volunteering and for the local church. 

With the return to in-person services you have an incredible opportunity to reengage your congregation in volunteering and help call them higher so that they can reap these benefits!

Benefits for church members to volunteer in a post pandemic world:

  1. Community

    • After such a long period of isolation, the church body must reunite. Sunday services are an incredible time of worship and teaching, but volunteer teams are the fellowship glue that reconnects each of the body parts of the church.

  2. Helping

    • Everyone has experienced the emotional weight of this past season in their own way. By volunteering we are helping to walk with other people and carry one another's burdens.

  3. Unity

    • In addition to the pandemic, politics and race have created divisions that do not exist in God’s Kingdom. Serving side by side with people who may not share the same ethnicity or worldviews is the best way to form relationships and remember that we were all created in God’s image.

  4. Generosity

    • Everyone wants to know that there is a good return on their investment– whether that investment be time or money. When volunteering, you see firsthand the lives being impacted and the eternities that are changed through people’s faithful tithes and offerings.

  5. Purpose

    • This past season has felt aimless and tumultuous for many.  Serving helps remind us that God gave each person spiritual gifts to use for His glory. 

  6. Encouragement

    • Everywhere you turn there is one discouraging news story after another. In a world seemingly filled with discouragement, there is nothing more hopefilled than watching how God moves in the lives of fellow volunteers week in and week out.

  7. Growth

    • This past season has raised questions for many believers. The spiritual growth and discipleship that comes from serving shoulder to shoulder with other believers helps to anchor us to God’s Word as we see it worked out in power and action.


Even though the benefits are great, many things have probably changed in your church over this past season. It is very likely that both your church members’ preferences and the requirements for volunteer roles have shifted as well. These changes will require leveraging technology to be good shepherds of our people.

By utilizing the tools built into Blackbaud Church Management, you can help ensure that even in this new and unprecedented season, the right people are in the right seats on the bus. With the ability to see church members' interests, Blackbaud Church Management can help you easily match them up with serving opportunities that fulfill the needs of the church. Tapping into personal interests in order to connect a church member’s passions to the perfect volunteer role is the key to avoiding volunteer burnout and having fruitful volunteer teams long past this season.

Find out more about how Blackbaud Church Management can help your church reengage your congregation as we step into the next season here.