The Right Tools For Leading Small Groups Not Just Efficiently, But Effectively

  • September 22, 2021
  • by Will Rodes

It doesn’t matter what you call them– life groups, home groups, D-Groups or cell groups; small groups are an essential part of the modern church. They give individuals and families an opportunity to get connected to one another and to grow spiritually in ways that are not possible during a Sunday or Wednesday service. However, like all great things, they must be led well and that requires tools to facilitate and manage them.

As a church leader, you must have a good pulse on the groups in order to lead them towards growth both in size, but most importantly in terms of spiritual growth. When groups grow and multiply it can be hard to track the leaders, locations and other aspects of each one. Blackbaud Church Management helps to streamline all of the important information to help your staff and group leaders lead not just efficiently, but effectively.


At a glance you can easily see:

  • Group type

  • Group category

  • Properties such as if a group is seeking new participants

  • Attributes including if childcare is provided

  • Meeting details: frequency, time and location

  • Group members with the ability to add or remove as necessary

  • Group leader name(s)

  • Upcoming meetings


Group leaders can easily take attendance anywhere using Blackbaud’s Mobile Mission app on their smartphone or tablet. Mobile Mission app’s seamless cloud integration with Church Management means that your staff can always see group attendance. As church growth happens, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of members and who is attending. Church Management will help you see if one of your members has stopped attending their small group so that you can check in on “the one”. This will allow you or their group leader to be a better shepherd and help walk with them through whatever might be happening in their life.

Great communication is fundamental for all relationships and the ability for group leaders to easily communicate with their members is key to keeping the group healthy. Blackbaud Church Management is designed to keep all group members on the same page. Group leaders can share an iCal link to the group’s calendar, which means that all group members are always up to date on meeting times and locations. Even though all group members can easily view the calendar, life is hectic and scheduling conflicts that necessitate rescheduling meetings can arise. When this happens, leaders can easily update meeting times or locations through Church Management and communicate those changes to group members via the calendar, email or text. 

Blackbaud Church Management puts the right tools in the right hands of your church staff and group leaders. User permissions allow you to have full control over what parts of your church management system that staff members have access to, and what part group leaders have access to. This ensures that private information is only viewable by the authorized users. These customized permissions help empower group leaders and allow them to focus on leading their groups well. At the same time it gives staff members the resources to see a 30,000 foot view of all of the groups and help shepherd every group and their leaders.

Small groups are essential to engaging the members of your church. Having the right tools enables your church members to not only get connected to a group easily, but to stay connected in a group where they can be cared for and discipled. The small group manager features of Blackbaud Church Management will help you lead your group members to not only grow more connected to one another and your church, but most importantly to God. 

Find out more about how Blackbaud Church Management can help you shepherd your small groups better here.