Configurable vs. Customizable Software

Avoiding Unnecessary Tech Stack Burden for Your Grantmaking Organization

As your organization grows, you want your grant management software to grow with you—without duct-taped solutions or expensive consulting hours.

Understanding the difference between a configurable software system and one that is customizable can help you avoid an unwieldy and costly tech stack for your grantmaking organization. Check out this short guide to learn:

  • The difference between a configurable system and a customizable system

  • How to avoid the sunk cost fallacy with your current grant management solution

  • Why the system you choose can affect:

    • The time it takes to deploy the system

    • The security of the system

    • How flexible the system is

    • The total cost of ownership

Download this guide to help you understand why a configurable software system can help your organization reach its long-term impact goals.