Blackbaud Website Solution Modules


In the context of the Blackbaud Website Solution, a “Module” is a functional element that can be inserted into a page as content using the page editor. This differs from “Plugins” which offer functionality separate from that of the Page Editor.

Basic Modules

The Button module is a button that you insert into your layout to lead visitors elsewhere within your site or to an external link. In addition, the Button has an extra capability: instead of following a link, clicking the button can open a lightbox that displays the video or any other content that you can insert with shortcut or HTML.
The Heading module inserts a heading or title into your row within the Page Builder.
The Photo module lets you insert an individual photo from your Media Library or a custom URL.
The Separator module inserts a horizontal line to separate content. It can be styled for color, size, and spacing.
Text Editor
Use the Text Editor module to add a block of text. The Text Editor module uses an instance of the standard WordPress editor. The difference is that you have more control in positioning the text on the page.
Use the Video module to embed code provided by a third party such as Vimeo or YouTube.
Content Slider
Content sliders are typically used on landing pages with long narrow images. Often used for primary calls to action or as a mission statement/story slider, they can be utilized in the position of a traditional slideshow, or utilized for smaller calls to action throughout the page.
The Gallery Module is used to display a gallery of images from either the Media Library or a SmugMug gallery that you specify. Choose the Collage layout to display images in a mosaic. Choose Thumbs to display thumbnails of the images in a grid.
The Icon Module lets you insert icons from Font Awesome, Foundation, or WordPress into your layouts.
Map (Single Address)
The Map module inserts a Google map with a marker pointing to an address you specify. The map automatically adjusts in size to fit in the column, and you can specify map height.
Use the Testimonials module to add a basic slider with testimonials to your layouts, or any other set of text and images that you want to display one by one with either autoplay or navigation.
Call to Action & Callout
Both the Call to Action and Callout module are similar in that they offer a method of displaying a heading, text, images and a button formatted to drive a user to take a particular action. The differences between the two are largely stylistic, with the Call to Action being styled to bring more attention to the content and corresponding button to drive the user to take action.
The Menu module can give you more options for menu content, style, and layout than the menu available in your theme or widget area. It also gives you the ability to insert a menu anywhere in your layout.
Subscribe Form
Use the Subscribe Form module to enable visitors to subscribe to an email list or to collect email addresses for your own use.
The Accordion module provides a vertical list, and each item in the list can be expanded to display more detail.

The Sidebar module gives you the ability to insert any of your WordPress sidebars into your layouts.
Use the Tabs module to insert tabbed text content into your layouts. This is a great tool for inserting large amounts of text into a small space.
Number Counter
The Number Counter module displays a number in an animated fashion, with the counter going from zero to the number or percent you specify.
The Posts module allows you to load your posts into a page in a variety of different layouts. Included layouts are: Columns, Masonry, Gallery and List.
WordPress Widgets
Almost any widget that is available to you in the Blackbaud Website Solution admin panel’s Appearance > Widgets can be added to your Page Builder layout as a content module using the WordPress Widgets module.
Upcoming Events
The Upcoming Events module is used to pull in events from the Event Calendar included in the Blackbaud Website Solution into your layouts.
Facebook Feed
The Facebook Feed Module provides a Facebook field with the following options: timeline view, messages, face pile and cover photo.
Twitter Feed
The Twitter module allows for your Twitter feed to be loaded into your pages. Your feed URL can be easily added in the module configuration, and there are several display options available.
Pinterest Board
Like the Facebook mobile, the Pinterest module allows for your Pinterest account to be embedded within the Page Builder. You can load in your Pinterest profile, or a specific Pinterest board.
Google Translate
The Google Translate module allows for the Google Translate widget to be embedded on your site. This then allows for dynamic translation of your pages by Google. This module must be implemented at the layout-level of the site by your Blackbaud Developer.
Font Resizer
The Font Resize module allows for dynamic resizing of the content of your site. This is a useful feature for accessibility. This module must be implemented at the layout-level of the site by your Blackbaud Developer.
Social Menu
The Social Menu module enables a list of social icons that can be placed in your header, footer, or content areas of your site to allow quick access to your social networks. This module must be implemented at the layout-level of the site by your Blackbaud Developer.
SEO Yoast Breadcrumbs
This module enables breadcrumbs linked to your SEO Yoast plugin that not only provide an additional level of navigation for your users, but also improve the craving of your site by search engines. This module must be implemented at the layout-level of the site by your Blackbaud Developer.
Share Icons
The Share Icons module enables ShareThis-powered share icons to your site, allows users to quickly share the content of your site on their social network platforms. This module must be implemented at the layout-level of the site by your Blackbaud Developer.
Blackbaud Embedded Forms
The Blackbaud Embedded Forms module allows you to easily inject the various Blackbaud Form snippets provided by Blackbaud Online Express, Blackbaud Luminate Online, and Blackbaud eTapestry. Each of these products utilize an iFrame or JavaScript snippet to load in their respective forms.

Advanced Modules

Using the Audio module, you can insert one or more audio files from the Media Library or a single audio file from an external source, plus choose some playback options.
The Slideshow module cycles through a gallery one image at a time. You can cycle the images automatically at a speed you choose, or you can turn off animation and let visitors use navigation controls to cycle through the images.
Pricing Table
The Pricing Table module lets you insert a pricing table with as many columns as you like. You can configure options such as column color, title, price, frequency for recurring costs, a feature list, and a button.
The Countdown module is a timer that counts down to zero from a date and time that you specify. You can specify the exact date and time, including choosing the timezone that should be used. There are a number of styling settings for customizing the look of the countdown timer, including the choice of numbers or numbers plus circles.
Posts Carousel
The Posts Carousel module has two distinct display modes: the gallery display shows a thumbnail of the featured image of your posts in a horizontal format that allows for the post title and info to display on hover. This view does not allow the entire post content to be displayed, however. This module allow includes a grid layout that includes the featured image, and the post title and info below the image. Both these displays are in a carousel format, which allows for the posts to slide to the left or right to display additional posts.
Posts Slider
The Posts Slider module only has one layout style: an animated display of one post or page at a time. The post info and optional post excerpt can be displayed in two ways: The featured image can be set to display as the background with the post info and post excerpt appearing on top, or the image can be set to a thumbnail, with the post info and excerpt appearing beside it.
Data Table
The Data Table module is used to create a responsive HTML table with two options for row orientation or column orientation of table headers.
Logo Carousel
The Logo Carousel is used for content like Sponsor logos in which you want to create a list of icons/logos that can be navigated in a carousel format.
Instagram Feed
The Instagram feed module provides several display options for your Instagram Feed, and leverages the Instagram Feed Pro plugin.
Blackbaud RENXT Integration
The WordPress NXT connector integrates your constituent database from RENXT into WordPress, allowing you to better target your site towards your recurring donors and members. Users will sign-in to your WordPress driven site, be recognized as a constituent in RENXT, and have content served to them that is targeted to their specific attributes.