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ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc.

ADVIZOR®, a BI software company, enables advancement professionals to make better, faster, fact-based decisions from their data, without relying on others to create custom reports or perform complicated queries/analysis.  ADVIZOR combines data from the core system and other sources and visually displays it in easy-to-use interactive dashboards that are quick to implement, customizable, and affordable.

ADVIZOR Solutions® is a leading provider of easy-to-use business analysis software solutions.  Combining cutting-edge technology and the professional services of data and analytics experts, ADVIZOR is all about turning advancement data into useful and understandable information so that fundraising teams can:

  • Increase revenue by clearly identifying the best possible prospects, segments, and messaging
  • Cut costs by precisely aligning internal resources to goals and objectives, and highlighting risks
  • Improve staff performance by managing tightly to metrics and  best practices

ADVIZOR’s in-memory datamart leverages interactive visualizations and rich predictive modeling technologies to help you “see the stories” and unlock the power of your data for better, faster, fact-based decisions.   With ADVIZOR Visual Discovery™ and predictive analytics, people can easily:

  • Query, slice and dice, and explore their data, no SQL skills required!
  • Create modeling factors, metrics, scores WITHOUT having to touch the database
  • Build models in hours rather than days, without having to know statistics.

ADVIZOR visual discovery solutions are flexible, quick to implement, and easily customizable to meet the various needs of everyone in an organization – from executives to managers to frontline staff to power analysts.   And our team of business consultants is available as needed all along the way.   


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