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BizNet Software, Inc.

BizNet Software Inc. is a market leader in self-service reporting and analytics solutions. The Dallas-based software company leverages the power of Microsoft Excel to facilitate the creation and sharing of interactive reports in minutes.

BizInsight 7 is the engine that drives the BizNet Software Suite. Delivered in a user-friendly environment, BizInsight 7 works with any Excel or Blackbaud data source and includes intuitive built-in features that allow users to easily create reports, drill down into the numbers behind the data and answer many of their own questions.

BizConnector is the tool that enables the real-time connection between your Blackbaud data and Excel, allowing you to build your own live reports.

BizBroadcast allows you to share hundreds of reports with one click. With simple functionalities within a drag-and-drop interface, you’re able to send reports to multiple users in a variety of formats, including CSV, HTML and PDF.


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BizNet Software Sales, (972) 893-0000 option 1.