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Bold Type News, Inc.

BoldTypeNews is news about your constituents.  Today, one of your alumni or donors is doing something that you should know about.  But who?  Every day BoldTypeNews searches for each and every one of your constituents in thousands of newspapers across the United States so you can build lasting relationships.  Don't be the last to know.

BoldTypeNews aggregates news from thousands of sources, filters out irrelevant articles,  and delivers news that is meaningful to you.  Our mission is to provide information important to you, not the editor.  We integrate with the Raiser’s Edge to provide news concerning your constituents.

Someone, somewhere, is doing something that might help you.  Someone with a connection to your organization.  Did they sell their company? Change jobs? Get married?  Were they elected to public office?  Or did they give a major gift to another institution?

But which newspaper?  Which constituent?  You can’t look for every constituent in every paper every day.  BoldTypeNews can.

BoldTypeNews integrates with the Raiser’s Edge, reads thousands of newspapers every day from across the United States, and finds articles about your constituents.  We read articles in the major newspapers. We read articles in the smallest newspapers. We read articles in newspapers in every state.  We read all the articles so you see only the articles that are important to you, giving you information to reach out and build lasting relationships. 

For Raiser’s Edge customers there is a free trial period with no obligation.  No data entry required.  Set up takes less than 20 minutes.  To learn more go to:


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