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I-Texts Inc

Now there is a new way to generate additional income from existing constituents, contacts who have failed to make a prior donation and those who state they cannot afford to.

Supporters opt in to support your cause by sending a simple text message. They receive no more than 3 text messages a day with targeted special discount offers from major retailers like BestBuy and Walmart and other advertisers. They will also be able to download an App and access a web site services with additional tracked promotions. Organizations have their own short code and keyword. They receive a percentage of advertising revenue and purchases related to their supporters. Constituents love the fact they are financially supporting their favorite cause just by receiving promotions and making regular purchases. Best of all there is no cost to join I-Texts and take advantage of this new income source.

I-Texts also offers a white label service where a client can manage their own contact database, direct messages, auto responders, phone App, text to donate and other services. API development is underway to facilitate full integration with Blackbaud products.


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