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Use the below filter to find the best Blackbaud Partner to support your organization's efforts.  is a digital identity gateway that verifies the group affiliations of customers so brands can offer exclusive promotions and price points to specific market segments online without fear of fraud. Household name brands like Ford, MLB, NFL, NBA, Under Armour, and Busch Gardens use to protect their military, student, teacher, and first responder programs. provides an Identity Gateway API that enables brands to streamline sign-up/sign-in flows and to instantly verify the group affiliation of a customer to establish eligibility for special promotions, loyalty programs, or subsidized price points. The product functions by sending an OAuth 2.0 token to a partner site with the customer's group affiliation status. Partner sites are able to apply the exclusive price point by looking for the group status i.e. "Student" or "Military" and activating a hidden promo code that is not visible to the customer and so cannot be shared outside of's verification process. 


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