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Mixtroz, LLC

At its core, Mixtroz is catalyst for impactfut collision, conversation and reaIcon nection.  It is a SaaS technology that drives people from their phone to face-to-face encounters; increasing engagement and collecting custom data at live and virtu at events with 50+ attendees.

[Users download the app, complete a Ina me tag and survey customized by the
event organizer. At a predetermined time, the app simultaneously matches attendees with 2-9 others with similar (or not, depending how the host sets the algorithm)
responses and in real-time, connects them for a curated group networking experience. As the attendees mix, the event host learns. The collected data is immediately
visualized both in aggregate and individualized as well as available for download.]

Due to the founders' expertise in the human asset (HR/Event Production), Mixtroz was created to use real-time surveying to improve the world's oldest art, face-to-face connectivity. In doing so, through increased engagement and collected data, dollars are added to the bottom lines of our clients across 3 verticals: colleges/universities, conferences/conventions and business enterprises (500+ employees).


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AshLee Ammons, COO/Co-founder, 629-777-5689, [email protected]