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Mixtroz, LLC

How it works: 

Mixtroz integrates seamlessly into your event itinerary 

Virtual Events 

Sample Event: Breakouts following a virtual panel

6pm: Event Starts 

Attendees launch the Mixtroz app and complete the virtual nametag and questions portion. 

6:35pm: Create Groups 

When enough attendees have input their information with Mixtroz, it's time to create groups! Users will receive an in-app notification and be assigned to a virtual meeting space where they go to gather. Groups can gather on Mixtroz and your preferred video conferencing software simultaneously! 

6:36pm: Connecting 

Attendees check in through the app and join the virtual space. They'll kick off their conversation with the ice breakers you've customized and group specific data points based on the information they added in Mixtroz. 

7:00pm: Stay Connected 

Mixtroz makes it easy for connections to grow. As virtual meeting spaces close, attendees are given the option to share their contact details to continue the conversation. 

About the Founders: 
With expertise in the human asset (HR/Event Production), Mixtroz was created using technology to improve the world's oldest art, face-to-face connectivity. The result, increased engagement and data collection, driving dollars to the bottom lines of our customers across 3 verticals: colleges/universities, conferences/conventions and business enterprises. 

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AshLee Ammons, COO/Co-founder, 629-777-5689, [email protected]