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Postcard is dedicated to redefining how we take action in the digital space.
Our platform uses physical postcards created from locally-sourced and sustainable materials to create tangible opportunities for individual and collective expression through advocacy and education.
Postcard is proud to be a New York City-based Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B-Corp. 
Postcard Impact
We live in an era of digitally-enabled activism. A single hashtag can capture the imaginations and passions of a million followers. There’s huge power in numbers. But affecting change requires something else: presence.
Postcard Impact dimensionalizes online collective action. We are a simple, digital tool for creating personalized postcards that are printed and delivered en masse to the real world. One batch may end up on a Senator’s desk. Another batch may appear as an art mural in a public space. A third batch may be distributed at a live event. The possibilities are limitless.
One postcard can make a huge impression. Especially when it is accompanied by a few thousand friends.
Postcard Educate
Postcard Educate is a social action platform created specifically for classrooms at all grade levels. It is designed for teachers working to inspire students to become global citizens dedicated to making the world a better place through action.
With Postcard Educate, students and educators create their own Postcard Impact-style campaigns. Students choose the issue, create the campaign, and write the call-to-action. We print and deliver the final set of postcards to the classroom, and to those the students are hoping to make an impression on.
Teachers have access to an engaging tool for integrating social action into their curriculum and students gain experience in creating grassroots movements.

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