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Ravenna Solutions

Ravenna offers a modern, highly configurable online enrollment management system for PS-12 private schools nationwide. Our proven, collaborative approach solves complexities and challenges facing admission offices of any size, creating unmatched efficiencies for schools and enabling more meaningful connections with families.

  • Your process, from lead to enrollment: Manage your entire admission and enrollment process online with Ravenna. From tracking and nurturing prospective applicants through publishing decisions and collecting signed enrollment contracts, you can do it all in Ravenna.
  • Collaborative, not common: Support for shared forms and a centralized application process for families allows you to increase your efficiencies and greatly improve the experience for applying families. At the same time, we understand that each school is unique, so our tools enable you to keep your own unique questions and forms, events and processes, allowing you to offer your families the most personalized admission experience available.
  • Unmatched efficiencies: With an online application process, high-volume scanned document processing, online file review and decisions, Ravenna replaces your manual admission tasks with efficient automated processes, freeing up hours of time that you can devote to connecting with families.
  • Unprecedented data capabilities: Our collaborative approach to the admission process gives you access to unprecedented data and reporting capabilities—including regional data—you can’t get anywhere else.
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