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SENTIO is the only Applicant Matching System (AMS) for nonprofits that predicts the likelihood a candidate will succeed in a job role before you hire them. Our predictive personality tests are a fraction of the cost of traditional assessments, are easy to implement, and ultimately reduces turnover costs.

Pre-Hire Assessments

  • Unlimited hiring assessments for $99 per month.
  • Designed to assess every position spanning from the c-suite to the front lines.
  • Built for nonprofits of all sizes from two employees to two thousand.
  • 100% self service. The reports do not need to be administered, scored, or interpreted by a third party.
  • Can be used as the first step in the hiring process, which saves you time by screening candidates earlier and reducing bad interviews.
  • Compliant by all governing bodies including the Department of Labor, EEOC, and Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists.

Cut Turnover Costs

Turnover includes direct costs like severance and indirect costs like lost productivity and reduced morale. According to SHRM, it costs $4,964 to replace an hourly worker. As positions gain more responsibility, turnover costs accelerate exponentially.

SENTIO ensures that all your new hires have the highest probability to succeed at your company long term.


Data Driven Hiring

SENTIO provides a Mental Makeup Analysis of an applicant's personality, plus a Match Score based on how closely they match your current top performing employees. The better the match, the higher the likelihood they will succeed in the role.

Faster Hiring

Hiring managers no longer need to quickly scan hundreds of resumes and sort them into “Accept” or “Reject” piles. SENTIO automatically produces a stack rank of all your applicants based on their Match Score, leaving you to focus only on the best applicants.

Reduced Bias

The hiring process today can be biased and discriminatory. Recent studies cite that things like a candidate’s hair, clothing, name, handshake, and posture are major factors in the interview process. SENTIO’s approach gives data-driven analytics that are blind to gender, ethnicity, age, and other identity markers.

Other Features

Applicant Tracking

Hiring Communication Management: While SENTIO can’t save you from reviewing every resume that comes across your desk, the platform can automate the communication to applicants you want to interview. As applicants progress through the hiring process, you can select from stage specific email templates to reject applicants, schedule interviews, and ultimately hire your next top performer. 

Hiring Stages, Resume Storage, and Candidate Notes: SENTIO applicant tracking keeps you, well, on track. Know what stage of the hiring process each applicant currently resides, store resumes within their candidate profile, and collect your thoughts in the notes section. No longer will you depend on the organized chaos of Excel or simply losing a folder of resumes.

Connect All Your HR Tools

Throughout the hiring process, managers are forced to bounce from tool to tool in order to make a hire. SENTIO removes these steps by connecting your HR tech stack to our platform, which means you won’t need to have the SENTIO platform open to get access to their reports. Simply download SENTIO Boost, go to any webpage on the internet, and send out a SENTIO survey or review current candidates with two simple clicks.

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