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Silicon Harbor Solutions

We focus on providing cost-effective solutions to help organizations get the most out of their Blackbaud CRM investment with our Outlook for Blackbaud CRM Solutions.

Catalyzed by the recognition and opportunity to enhance Blackbaud’s exceptional CRM software, Silicon Harbor Solutions, LLC was founded by former a former Blackbaud employee of 5 years in 2015 with the focused intent to design and develop unique solutions to help increase user efficiency and adoption of Blackbaud CRM.

Our Unique approach and Original solutions aim to enhance user experience not just with Blackbaud CRM, but across their whole environment including Microsoft products and others.

Goals of the Outlook Solutions for Blackbaud CRM by SHS

There is one resource you can’t get more of, Time. Conservatively, if ONLY 30 seconds are saved PER interaction a ROI could be realized in just a few months. At an average of just 20 interactions per day, this would result in savings of OVER 3 hours EACH month PER USER. Valuable time that could be used Prospecting. 

- Increased User Efficiency by making it easier to record interactions, contact reports and manage tasks.
- Improved User Adoption of Blackbaud CRM. Our solutions make it easy to enter information quickly so other, more important tasks can be attended to.
- Capture more (and better quality…) data. Data entry is monotonous and often corners are cut when entering information. Our solutions allow for MORE information to be added QUICKER into Blackbaud CRM. Better quality data helps to ensure important facts aren’t missed when pursuing a prospect.

SHS Advantages

- Original Office 365 (O365) Integration solutions that have a unique set of features not only for your computer but also on your tablet and mobile devices!
- Designed, Built, Consulted For and Managed from those who have worked DIRECTLY for Blackbaud with indispensable knowledge. 
- ALL product feature growth based on client feedback. We are a responsive and dynamic company who can quickly implement changes based on what the client needs.
- Charleston, SC based with close and strong connections with Blackbaud internal groups for continued product development.
- Feature set growth of over 250% since Version 1.0 release (currently on v1.4) with a second product for Web and Mobile platforms as well!
- Strong Blackbaud backing. Close relationships with Blackbaud US, Blackbaud Pacific and Blackbaud Europe for sales, development and client success.

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James R. Pittman - Founder
(843) 936-1550
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