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Turnkey Promotions

Turnkey Promotions is the leading strategy and execution source for peer-to-peer fundraising. Our clients include 15 of the top 30 US nonprofits. The average Joes and Jills we turn into evangelists raise 37% more than the people who don’t align. That result reflects 27 years of experience, heavy use of data analysis, and the application of social science. One of these clients said, “Turnkey was chosen because they will create and implement strategic campaigns from start to end. Other vendors will only conduct analysis and offer strategic suggestions." 

We cover many bases for our clients: strategy, marketing communications, email design, automated campaign deployment, fundraising platform coordination, recognition gift production, warehousing and fulfillment, and analysis. If something touches the fundraiser and helps them to align them with your cause, we use it.

The average Joes and Jills Turnkey turns into evangelists raise 37% more than the people who don’t align. Our strategies are grounded in 27 years of experience and research that delivers peer-to-peer campaigns that motivate fundraisers to higher and higher fundraising levels.

Turnkey’s experienced team defines a client’s pain and determines what communication and recognition strategy will fix what ails them. We gain an understanding of their challenges and resources, followed by questions like, “Do you have an online platform? Do you have a robust set of volunteers? Do you need more participants to register for an event? Are you land locked and have plenty of participants but can’t get them to fundraise?” All of these factors make a difference in the design of a peer-to-peer fundraising program. 

We have extensive fundraising performance data that shows our strategies are very effective at delivering superior results for minimal cost, typically 2-4% of total fundraising dollars, with ROIs as high as 500%!


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