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Validide Corporation

The first thing you do after downloading our app is scan the front and back of your State ID. Then our Al asks you to take a live selfie and compares that image with the one on your State ID. 

This launches your Validide account. From here you can request that we verify any aspect of issued information you wish to carry in your Validide Wallet.

We reach out to the issuers of that information such as a university, gov't agency, or even a hospital for any basic health information you may wish to hold in your wallet. The issuer verifies the information and sends us the credential. 


We convert those credentials into what are called Verifiable Credentials which are encrypted, secured and made immutable or unchangeable. 

A major component our security protocols is what we call "Burn the PII", in other words, we delete all your personal information off our servers so that we are not creating a "Honey Pot" of personal data for hackers to target. 
Now, you are free to share your personal information as you wish. 

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