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We’re a team of difference makers, passionate about innovating video solutions to power social good. We believe strongly in the use of online video and the power it can bring to non-profits in their communication and fundraising efforts.

Our core product – Vidflex – is a self-managed online video platform that combines the power and flexibility of an enterprise video platform with the simplicity and approachability of a self-managed solution. We’re focused on helping organizations get more value from their video content and bring greater control to how videos are managed and shared.

The Vidflex video platform gives organizations access to powerful features to manage, stream (live or on-demand), promote, and monetize online videos across a fully customizable front-end interface. No plugins, third-party tools, or technical skills required.
This is the first ‘do-it-yourself’ online video platform specifically designed to give organizations greater control over their video communication and assist in driving donor engagement. By eliminating all third-party ads and distractions, Vidflex enables organizations to manage their video distribution and create an engaging online experience for their audiences.

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