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Raiser’s Edge NXT is a complete fundraising and supporter management solution that enables nonprofits to operate more efficiently and raise more support for their missions.

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Raiser’s Edge NXT is a smart, automated, all-inclusive cloud-solution that works for you allowing your organization to operate more efficiently by streamlining data, reporting, and processes.

“The thing that excites me the most about Raiser's Edge NXT is how intuitive it is. Anybody can come in from another platform and they can just jump right into fundraising at Iona.”

Jill Krueger,
Senior Director of Advancement Services, Iona College

Streamline your fundraising: Constituent information is automated & prescriptive, pre-defined, and constantly enhanced based on how users interact.


It used to take Save the Manatee Club three days to assemble, review, and analyze data. With Raiser's Edge NXT, this process takes less than an hour

“Having an integrated solution creates a more efficient workflow. That saves time, which saves money, which allows us to focus on our programs.”

Tonya Higgins,
Director of Development & Operations, Save the Manatee Club

Bring your organization together: with role-based work centers built specifically to help track individual and team performance, manage portfolios, and quickly see last touch points. Constituents are automatically tagged with key intel such as lifetime giving and wealth.

“Raiser's Edge NXT has expediently changed our time management, and our ability to get through actions. I like to not remember life before Raiser's Edge NXT, because we have been so much more productive.”

Emily Gray,
Major Gifts Officer, African Wildlife Foundation

Our out-of-the-box reports are automatically pushed to users with recommended actions to impact success. Smart and intuitive dashboards highlight critical metrics and allow users to drill in to understand the cause behind the data.

“SKY reporting has saved me time and because it is user friendly I am able to do much of the reporting and analysis myself. I had previously relied on other staff to collect this kind of information.  SKY Reporting has allowed me to better assess where our gifts are being designated and has enhanced my ability to engage donors before they reach the lapsed stage.”

Andy Schroeder,
Director of Development, Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Connect your nonprofit: easily access and share information across your organization, with an open, cloud platform that integrates data across systems.

“SKY API will support our best-of-breed approach to software. Staff in different units can work efficiently in their chosen systems, as key information syncs in a consistent and automated fashion for improved visibility and effectiveness across the organization”

Blake Moody,
Director of Philanthropic IT, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Reach and engage new donors with acquisition tools that help you communicate and fundraise more effectively to bring new supporters to your organization.

“When we were first introduced to RE NXT we almost started to cry, because we had a 5 year plan of how we wanted to develop our program and we found out that RE NXT gave us everything we needed to do it!”

Jason Drury,
Manager of Advancement Services, Fanshawe College

Reach more supporters: Increase reach with data enrichment services that find missing addresses, emails, and phone numbers for you.


10% mailing addresses appended

“With data enrichment services we can have confidence that the information we are using is getting to the donors, so they can get the information about our ministries team.”

Matthew Barfiend,
VP for Field Ministries, International Partnership Ministries

Increase engagement: With simple email marketing, it’s easy to engage with supporters and understand the impact of your campaigns across channels.


31% mailing addresses appended

Each email address is worth $12.30

“I just wanted to let you know that I just did our first email campaign for Giving Tuesday. It was sooooo easy! Wow. I've never seen my open rate and click through rate before. This is exciting! One gift was for $1000. This person had not made a single gift that size in a while PLUS they have also donated to other programs this year.”

Sondra Bradford Jennings,
Development Director, Community Partners in Action

Raise more money: Send communications that engage and interact with constituents and prospects, and measure open conversion rates. This includes unlimited online donation forms, event registration forms, and membership sign up forms that match your website.


Habitat for Humanity – Dane County was able to increase it’s annual online revenue by $7,000+ and the number of gifts by 43%

“We really need the power, flexibility, and expanded features of NXT. It’s going to make it easier on my team.”

Amy Good,
Senior Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity of Dane County

Saves Time: Automatically process online donations, pledges and payments through your website – no manual entry required.
Blackbaud Merchant Services accepts, reconciles, processes and posts credit card and ACH/direct debit payments, receipts right into your database and updates credit cards for recurring payments.

“Using Blackbaud Merchant Services, I save hours every week. This equates to thousands of dollars per year and is money that we can reinvest into our programs.”

Hilda Pries,
Database Administrator, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA)

Retain and expand existing donors with cultivation tools that help you act on key insights to protect your existing donor base and empower them to grow over time.

“It’s hard to make a bad impression with NXT…It just makes sense.”

Meghan Gauen,
Manager of Events & Auxiliaries, Children’s Home & Aid

Retain more supporters: Discover donors at risk of lapsing & take action to drive more recurring gifts.

“I am really excited that RE NXT cues me on touch points. If their is a donor I haven't talked to in a while, I can see that without having to run a report.”

Lauren Short,
Annual Giving Manager, Riverside Healthcare Foundation

Plan and track opportunity efforts: Build relationships with prospects and secure major & planned gift opportunities.


Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra saw a 5% increase in their major donors through the wealth analytics in RE NXT.

“Our biggest gain so far is the user-friendly, visual of my prospects and opportunities.  I am more apt to add in my actions when I can simply do it from the dashboard.”

Krista Linklater,
Executive Director, St. Mary’s Memorial Hospital Foundation

Identify prospective major donors: Discover recommendations for the dollar amount you should be asking for based on giving trends & consumer data.

“Raiser’s Edge NXT has changed our ability to get through actions. I don’t like to remember life before Raiser’s Edge NXT, because we have been so much more productive.”

Emily Gray,
MGO, African Wildlife Foundation

Empower your supporters to raise money on your behalf, with crowdfunding tools that make it easy to gain viral support.

“Using tools that integrate with Raiser’s Edge NXT database is key. With thousands of participants in our Walk events, it’s important to be able to capture constituent information as well as gifts so that we can build our base of supporters.”

Lisa Cottingham,
Director of Development, Water Mission