If change is the only constant, how can you use it for good?

How can you transform uncertainty into opportunity and impact?

As the world's leading cloud software company powering social good for 40+ years, we are the best partner to help you do just that. Our solutions and services ensure that you can quickly adapt in a constantly changing world, and our expertise and data intelligence bring you closer to your supporters and those you serve...all to help you make the greatest impact possible and emerge even stronger.

So let’s rethink what change can mean for you, and let’s do more together.

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We deliver the world’s leading purpose-built cloud solutions.

We continuously develop and release new innovation in direct response to needs our customers voice, giving you the unique tools and capabilities you need as you adjust and develop your “new normal.”

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Our world-class staff of experienced thought leaders and innovators is guiding organizations around the globe to adapt quickly and nimbly.

We offer hundreds of industry experts and a dedicated large customer success and training organization to help customers adapt to change and position themselves to emerge stronger.

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We stand ready as your trusted partner to deliver the quality you expect.

Our comprehensive cloud solution portfolio delivers 99.7%+ uptime, so you won’t have to worry about outages or lag time serving those who depend on you. Read more about the success many customers are achieving with our solutions.

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