Import Pledges to QuickBooks as Invoices

In order to import pledges to QuickBooks, you will need to import them as invoices.

First, you will need to create an eTapestry query that limits the transactions being exported to Journal Entry Type Pledge. The example query below selects Pledge transactions dated during the last week that have not been Finalized.

Next, use the eTapestry QuickBooks Desktop Standard Export to generate the export file. You must use the export query that you created above as the starting query for the export. You must also select the following options:

For more information about how to set up the eTapestry Standard QuickBooks Accounting Export, see QuickBooks Export Set Up .

When you run the QuickBooks Export, a file will be created in the Intuit Interchange Format (IIF). You will search for this file as part of the QuickBooks import process, so you should save it in a location that you will remember.

Finally, you will need to modify the export file before you import it into QuickBooks.