Users and Security Groups 101

eTapestry Best Practices: Learn how to provide employees access to eTapestry and grant security rights to these users


When you need to log in to eTapestry, you must have an account record. If you already have constituent account for tracking interaction with your organization as a donor, you need an additional account role in to access eTapestry successfully. To create a new account record, refer to Add account with Name Formats. Under Roles, make sure you select the User checkbox to identify the account is a member of your organization who needs login credentials to eTapestry.

Security Groups

Administrators can reset passwords, move users into different security groups, manage the rights of a particular security group, and make important decisions for your database. All other users in your database are defined by their security group.

When you first log in to eTapestry, two security groups exist by default: Admin and Default. You can identify these two standard groups by the wrench icon beside them. When you create a new user, the account is automatically assigned to the Default security group.

You cannot edit or delete the Admin and Default security groups.

Users in the Admin group can Use Predefined Security Options to define a custom security group based on your organization's needs. Let’s make a simple, custom group now that allows a group of users to run reports and enter basic data, but prevents them from deleting journal entries.

Manage User Accounts

Refer to this information to learn how to move user accounts into a security group, and how to delete and disable a user.

If your organization uses Advanced Security, you have additional Read and Update rights. You can also hide specific Accounts or Journal Entries from defined Security Groups. For more information, contact your Blackbaud Account Executive.

If you make any changes to a security group while a user is logged in, the changes do not apply until the user logs out of eTapestry and logs in the next time.

Deleting a User

When you need to delete an employee's user account, there are a couple of important items to remember.

Disabling a User

If you want to preserve historic data and avoid deleting a user, you can disable it instead. When you disable a user, you also suspend access to eTapestry. For more information, refer to Disable a User.

User Activity Report

The User Activity Report shows log in activity for the past 30 days for each user. The activity details include the accounts and journal entries that were created and modified by each user during each log in session. For information about how to create the report, refer to User Activity Report.

Users on

Your organization's Site Administrators can add employee users to Blackbaud records so they can create logins and access Customer Support resources. For more information, refer to the following Knowledgebase resources.

How do site administrators manage users?

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