Event Queries and Reports

eTapestry Best Practices: With coordinators updating event information, participants and attendees registering, and options changing, another advantage is having this information in one place and accessible online.Now that you have entered your event information in your donors’ journals, you can query on several aspects of the event. If you remained consistent with marking the journal contacts you created, you will be able to query on those who attended, those who accepted the invite but did not attend and those who were invited but never RSVP'd. You will also be able to query on who purchased tickets and donated to your event, since that information is tracked on transactions.

Contacts vs. Transactions in Query Criteria

All event information should be tracked in the journal, because that is where you can keep track of the historical record of each event constituents participated in. Depending on how you have been tracking your event, you could have information on either contacts, transactions, or both. It is important to make sure you are querying on the correct type of journal item because some of your fields might apply to both locations, but the information is stored in only one.

For example, if you want to find any donation from an event, you would query on the Transaction field instead of the Contacts field, since journal entries for donations are considered transactions and not contacts.

Contact Journal Entries: Querying on Events Tracked through Contact Journal Entries

To keep organized, we suggest that you create a new query category to store all event-related queries.

Be specific when you begin creating queries in this category. You should name them exactly what the query is finding.

Before the Event

To determine how many guests will be attending prior to the event, you can create a new query track how many people have RSVP'd. You can also find all accounts that have been assigned a table number so that you can see who will be seated together.

After the Event

After your event, you might wish to track constituents who were invited to your event and see whether or not they attended. Using query, you can see those accounts who attended that were invited but never accepted the invitation; accounts who sent a RSVP, but did not attend; accounts who were invited to the event regardless of whether they ever accepted or attended; and all invitees for your event.

Report on Events Tracked through Contact Journal Entries

After you have created queries to track your event, you can create a report to display more information about the journal entries you created.

Transaction Journal Entries: Query and Report on Events/Ticket Sales Tracked through Transaction Journal Entries

If you sell tickets to events and track attendance through ticket sales, you can easily query and report on who purchased tickets and who gave gifts to that event.

If you sold your tickets through an event DIY form, make sure you are aware of how the settings were configured so that you can accurately query on those submissions.

Ticket Sales and Gifts Given for an Event

You can find total ticket sales for the event by querying on the approach of Tickets and the name of the event on the transaction.You can also find all gifts given to a particular event by querying on the Event approach and the name of the event on the transaction.


You can create a report to view information about the donations or ticket sales for the event information your query is pulling.



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