Payroll Deductions

eTapestry Best Practices: While eTapestry cannot access your account department or the employee’s bank account in order to pull money from their check, it can track the money that is donated from their paycheck so that you can query and report on that information later.

To track payroll deductions, you can use a gift, pledge, or recurring gift schedule. In order to pick the best option to track your employees' payroll deductions, consider the following scenarios:


You will need to do some database configuration in order to help you manage these unique types of transactions. You will create an approach called “Payroll Deductions” so you can track each transaction with that information and query and report on them later.

Starting the Process

There are three different options for entering payroll deductions, as mentioned above: one-time gift, pledge, or a recurring gift schedule.

Using Mass Update to add Payroll Deductions for Pledges or Recurring Gifts

Now that you've set up your employees' payroll schedules as pledges or recurring gifts, we can start thinking about how to add the payroll deductions that they give. You can either do this manually each time you receive their deduction or you can utilize our mass update feature.

Mass Update is a two part process, and it will be different based on how you set up their payroll deduction schedules. First, we need to create a query that contains every employee that needs to have a transaction added. Then, we can use that query to run a mass update to add payments or recurring gifts to their schedule.

Part 1: Creating the Queries

The queries that you will create should contain everyone with payroll deductions, based on the date that they give. The idea is that you will run these Mass Updates on the date that you receive their payroll deductions. In these example queries, we’re using the date of “Today,” since that's when we received their donations.

Part 2: Running the Mass Update

Mass Update will allow us to add new payments or recurring gifts to their schedules.

Stopping Pledges/Recurring Gifts for Payroll Deductions

If someone wants to stop giving or has left the organization, you will need to edit their pledge or recurring gift schedule so that eTapestry knows the employee has stopped giving on that schedule. For more information about stopping pledges and recurring gift schedules, see Writing off a Pledge and Stopping a Recurring Gift Schedule.



Mass Update for Create New Items

Payroll Deductions