Blackbaud ID for Education Management

Blackbaud ID enables each user at your school to access your Blackbaud products and services — such as Education Management , Raiser's Edge NXT, Smart Tuition, the online user community, and more — with a single email address and password. Additionally, Blackbaud ID:

  • Enables your school to set up an optional single-sign on (SSO) through Google or your network credentials.

  • Enables an extra layer of security with two-step authentication, so you'll sign in with a unique verification code in addition to your email address and password.

  • May standardize usernames for schools, since all Blackbaud ID usernames must be email addresses.

  • Will be required for new features available via early adopter programs.

  • Will be required for admins to use the online chat and Case Central links in the help panel.

  • Is the way of the future. We expect this to become the preferred authentication method for all users.

The implementation of Blackbaud ID for Education Management thus for has focused on the experience for school staff, students, and parents using SSO from the application to your identity provider (e.g. Azure AD or Google).

A platform manager will use roles to manage the authentication with Blackbaud ID. Users with the selected roles will sign in with an appropriate email address. Do this from Core. Select Security, then Authentication settings, and choose Blackbaud ID authentication. Then follow these instructions.

Only users in roles enabled for Blackbaud ID will be redirected to login via Blackbaud ID.

Prospective families will not be able to participate and will not use the new Blackbaud ID to log in.