Blackbaud ID and Omnibar

Your Blackbaud ID is the account used to log in to Altru and other Blackbaud resources and solutions. To create a Blackbaud ID account, you can be invited by your site administrator or you can create one yourself from the Blackbaud ID sign-in screen.

Note: If you create your Blackbaud ID without being invited by a site administrator, you'll be able to link your Blackbaud ID to your Altru account for single sign-on, but you won't have full access to resources on until a site administrator adds you to the organization account.

The Blackbaud Omnibar appears at the top of the screen in Altru and After you sign-in, use the Omnibar to:

  • Manage your Blackbaud ID profile — including your contact information, email, and password.

  • Quickly switch between applications in the same window (if you use multiple Blackbaud programs).

  • Easily navigate from Altru to resources on (Knowledgebase, Training) without having to log in for each.