Application Users

Application users are the people at your organization given access to work in Altru. In Administration, your system role administrator can add and manage user account records and assign their system roles. System roles specify user permissions, such as which areas of the program users can access and the tasks they can complete.

From the Application Users page in Administration, you can view a list of all application user records. From this page you can:

  • Send an invitation to invite new users to create an account.

  • Assign system roles to users.

  • Link an application user to a constituent record to track information about the user's activities as a constituent, such as a fundraiser or board member.

  • Delete a user or mark them inactive.

  • Filter the application user list by user status (active, inactive, not yet invited, invitation sent, invitation failed).

Altru uses a single sign-on process so users can have one set of credentials to access all Blackbaud resources. Using the Blackbaud Omnibar, you can log in to Altru,, and other Blackbaud programs using the same username and password. For example, if you use Altru and Financial Edge NXT, when you log in to Altru with your Blackbaud ID account, you are logged in to Financial Edge NXT automatically and you can easily navigate between the two programs in the same window. For more information about single sign-on, see FAQs about Single Sign-On for Altru.