Discount Report

The Discount Report displays the number of times a discount was used, the total value of the discounts, and the users who processed the discounts. It also includes any promotional codes used for a discount. You can use the various filters available to get a more customized and detailed report. You can filter the report by criteria such as user name, discount name, sales method, and discount application method. You can also set a date range and group by user, discount, program, membership level, or merchandise. To include discounts that were refunded in the report, select Include refunded discounts.

Note: When you group by Program, Membership level, or Merchandise, the report excludes order discounts. These views only include discounts for individual items.

To view this report, from Sales, click Discount Report under Reports. The Discount Report page appears. After you apply filters, click View report.

The report totals and percentages are calculated based on the filtered results. For example, if you run the report with no filters, the totals and percentages displayed are all dates, discounts, and users. If you run the report with filters, the totals and percentages displayed depends on the results of the applied filters.

Note: Because decimal amounts are rounded, you may notice some minor inaccuracies in totals. For example, 3/14 = .21428 = 21.428% which rounds to 21.43%.

Grouped by Discount

Grouped by User

Grouped by Program

Grouped by Membership Level

Grouped by Merchandise