Refunds for Group Sales Reservations

From the Group Sales Reservation page, you can add refunds to return money to your customers. You can refund the full payment until the reservation is checked-in, after check-in, you can only refund the overpaid amounts on reservations. For example, if a reservation has a balance of $150 and a patron makes two $100 payments, you can only refund the over paid amount of $50.

Note: In the Pricing section of the Group Sales Reservation page, a Refund link appears if an overpayment is available for refund. However, before check-in you can refund anytime under the Refunds section.

Add refunds for group sales reservation

  1. From Sales, under Daily tasks, click Group Sales. The Group Sales page appears.

  2. Select a reservation to refund. The Group Sales Reservation page appears.

  3. In the Refunds section, click Add. The Refund Order screen appears.

  4. The Balance field displays the amount the patron still owns.

  5. In the Amount field, enter the amount to refund.

  6. In the Payment field, select the payment to refund. If a payment has already been refunded, the amount that you can refund appears under the drop-down.

  7. In the Refund method field, select how to refund the money. The refund methods for your organization appear in the drop-down.

  8. In the Reason field, select the reason for the refund. This information appears in the Refund section on the Group Sales Reservation page.

  9. Click Complete refund. You return to the Group Sales Reservation page.