Manage Group Sales Discounts and Promotions

You can configure and apply multiple types of discounts for group sales orders. These include standard discounts, required purchase discounts, and group size discounts. Each discount can be configured to be automatically applied, manually applied, or applied when a promotion code is entered. Discounts are added to the system from the Discounts and Promotions page in Tickets and are typically set up by a user who is assigned the Group Sales Coordinator system role. For more information, see the Ticket Discounts section of the help file.

Once discounts are configured and active for transactions processed through the “group sales” sales method, they can be applied to group sales orders. Automatic discounts are calculated and applied to eligible group orders as items and itineraries are added to reservations. Discounts are recalculated each time new itineraries are added or the number of attendees changes. They are also recalculated if daily admissions or scheduled events are added or removed from reservations. The best discount for the patron is always used. Additionally, you can manually apply a discount to a reservation.

After discounts and promotions are applied during the group sales process, you can view all automatic, manual, and promotion code discounts, including those that applicable but were not selected for use by the system. Additionally, you can remove any manual or promotion code discounts that have been applied to the order.

Note: Group reservations that use the flat rate pricing structure are not eligible for additional discounts and promotions.