Manage Registrants for Preregistered Programs

When tickets are sold for a preregistered event, a patron must be associated with the order. This patron can be one of the attendees or just a “host” registrant who will not attend. For example, John Connor may register his daughters for an art workshop that he is not attending. In this scenario, the daughters are the attending registrants and John Connor is saved with the order as a non-attending registrant.

In addition to associating a patron with the order, you select price types and enter registration information for the attendees during the sales process. The attendees can be unnamed registrants that are identified only by the selected price types or you can select or add a constituent record for each. If applicable, the registration information you enter is associated with each attendee and can be used to record contact information, meal types, preferred shirt sizes, or other relevant information.

Note: If event restrictions have been added to a patron’s constituent record, they are listed on the Registrants tab of the event record. For example, if a constituent is allergic to nuts and that allergy was added to the Personal tab of the patron’s constituent record, it is displayed in the Registrantsgrid on the Registrants tab. The restrictions can be edited only on the Personal tab of the constituent record.

After a preregistered ticket sale is complete, you can manage the event registrants in different ways. For example, you can edit registrant information, as well as mark registrants as “Canceled.” You can also print a roster of event registrants to use as part of a manual check-in process. After the event, you can go to the event record and mark registrants as attended or not attended.

Note: The tasks related to managing registrants for a preregistered program are typically completed by a Guest Services Manager.