Preregistered Program Check In

The Preregistered Program Check In page provides a central location to see the preregistered programs scheduled for the current day and to check in program attendees as they arrive. Check in is not a required process, it simply provides a way for your organization to track attendance for your preregistered program events.

When you access the Preregistered Program Check In page, you can mark registrants as attended or not attended and view a roster of attendees for a selected event that takes place on the current day. When a registrant is marked as attended on this page, they are also marked as attended on the Registrants tab of the corresponding event record.

During the check in process, if a balance remains for an attendee, you can click Go to order to access their order record and add payments. Additionally, if you need to edit the registrants or their registration information, you can click Go to event and adjust items on the Registrants and Registration information tabs respectively. For more information, see Manage Registrants for Preregistered Programs.

Note: The preregistered programs that appear on this screen are only those scheduled for the current day. To mark registrants as attended or not attended after an event has occurred, you must access the Registrants tab of the specific event record.