Process Group Check In

The final phase of a group reservation is the check in process. This occurs when the group arrives at your organization to begin their visit or facility rental. After a group is checked in, their order status changes to “Complete.”

During check in, you can update the number of visitors included in the group and add new price types if needed. When you adjust the number of visitors for a group or edit price types, you can choose to keep the original order balance or you can update the balance to reflect any differences in cost. You can also view resources for the order, check for conflicts, and make any necessary changes. If a balance is due, you can access the reservation record and process the final payment. Additionally, you can print copies of the group’s itinerary and give them to the group so they have a schedule for the day.

You can check groups in by accessing the individual reservation record or from the Group check in page accessed from Sales. The Group check in page provides a central location that ticket sellers and group sales coordinators can access and use to check in groups. Typically, only group sales coordinators will check in groups from the individual reservation record.