You may need to refund a sales order, an order item, an event registration, or a membership renewal, such as due to a canceled event or dissatisfied patron. From Sales, you can add refunds for event registrations, memberships, and sales orders that do not include group sales reservations. When you refund a sales order or membership, you can select to refund the full transaction or a portion of the transaction.

You can also refund group reservations before check-in. After check-in, you can only refund overpaid amounts. For information about how to refund group reservations, see Refunds for Group Sales Reservations.

Tip: To refund another type of payment application such as a pledge installment or matching gift, edit the payment amount to deduct the amount refunded. When you edit a credit card payment that has been processed, the Refund card on save checkbox appears when the payment processor supports refunds. If you reduce the payment amount, select this checkbox to receive a prompt to automatically issue a refund for the difference.

From Financials, you can view recently processed refunds. For transactions refunded by check, you can indicate when your organization issues the refund to the constituent.