Unresolved Online Sales Orders

For online sales, the program assigns a status of “Unresolved” to sales orders after website users make payments. The program uses this temporary status to create records for online sales orders even if errors prevent it from processing the orders.

For example, if an item such as a membership program is not mapped to an account in the General Ledger, the program can accept an online payment for the item but cannot process a sales order. If the payment is not associated with a sales order, you will not have a record of the payment, so the program creates a record for the unresolved online sales order and associates it with the payment.

On the Unresolved Online Sales Orders page, you can view a list of all unresolved sales orders and access the records. When you access an unresolved order, a View unresolved order error link appears. You can click this link to access notes about error so that you can address the issue or refund the payment. For example, if you accept an online payment for a membership program before you map it to the General Ledger, you can access any unresolved online sales orders after you map the membership program to the General Ledger and process the sales order.

To access unresolved online sales, go to Sales and click Unresolved online sales orders. The Unresolved Online Sales Orders page appears.

On this page, you can click unresolved sales orders in the grid to access records. You can then resolve issues or refund payments. When you access a record, the View unresolved order error link allows you to access notes about the error that prevented the program from processing the sales order.

In addition, you can click View RSS Feed to open a web browser and subscribe to an RSS feed to receive alerts about unresolved online sales orders for your organization.