View Completed Orders

After an order is completed, a “completed order” record is added to the system. To view a specific completed order, you can use the Order Search screen. For information about how to search for an order see Search for Orders . Additionally, in various places throughout the application, you can click a Go to order link to access the corresponding order record.

Each record provides vital transaction information and specific order details. These details include an order summary that displays the total order amount, the amount paid, and any remaining balance. The delivery method for the order is also displayed along with the order status, order date, post status, and post date. Additionally, if a patron is associated with the order, their name, address, contact information, and constituencies are displayed. You can also view the user who processed the order and the sales method used.

Note: For a posted order, the Post process field displays the ID of the Post to GL process originally used to post the transaction to the general ledger. To view a list of all transactions posted to the general ledger through this process, click the ID in this field. The Post to GL – Included Transactions report for the post process appears.

In addition to the transaction information displayed at the top of the completed order record, there are a number of tabs you can access to view additional order details, including the specific tickets and items purchased. You can also print or reprint tickets or sales documents and add or void payments. If needed, you can also add documentation to the order like notes, links, or attachments, and view the GL distributions generated by the order.

Tip: From the Tasks menu on a completed order record, you can create a new order, search for existing orders, print tickets and sales documents for the current completed order, or refund the current completed order.