Manage Registration Forms

From Tickets, under Configuration, click Manage registration forms, to access the Manager Registration Forms page. On this page, you can manage the sections and registration information of a form. Under Sections, you manage the sections that you want to appear on your forms and under Registration information, you manage the questions and notices/disclaimers you also want to appear on your forms.

Under Sections, you can add and edit the different sections as necessary. The sections are used to help you organize your forms.

After you add a question or disclaimer you can mark them inactive or delete them. To do this, under Registration information, select the row of a question or notice/disclaimer and click Mark inactive or Delete.

Note: You can only delete questions that have been used previously from the program. For example, if you no longer want to use a question from last year's summer camp, you have to delete the question from the summer camp program. You cannot delete it on Manage Registration Forms page.

All sections and registration information added here applies to all preregistered programs. You can manage what sections and registration information appear on which preregistered program, on the program event itself. For information about how to manage the forms on each program, see Manage Program Registration Information.