Add a staffing resource

1. From Tickets, under Configuration, click Resources. The Resources page appears.
2. Select the Staffing Resources tab.
3. Click Add on the action bar. The Add a staffing resource screen appears.
4. Enter the name and description for the resource.
5. In the Quantity available field, enter the number of people who are available to work in that staffing resource position. For example, you have a total of 10 staff members able to give tours.
6. If the staffing resource need is based on the number of people in a group, in the Capacity per resource field, enter the number of people per staffing resource. For example, at your events, for every 50 attendees, you require one event volunteer.
7. In the Screening plan field, select the plan the staff members or volunteers must complete in order to qualify as a resource. This is optional and needed only if your organization screens staff. For example, you may require tour guides for school groups to complete an application, be interviewed by a staff member, and pass a background check.

If a screening plan does not exist for the staffing resource, you can select the button to add a new screening plan.

8. If this resource will be used for group sales, under Group sales cost, select the pricing structure. Select No charge, Flat rate per resource, or Hourly rate per resource. If you select Flat rate per resource or Hourly rate per resource, enter the amount in the Cost per resource field.
9. Click Save. The resource record appears so you can perform additional configuration tasks. For example, you can add programs and taxes to the resource, as well as configure group type requirements. Group type requirements are helpful if certain types of groups, such as school groups, always use specific supplies/equipment resources when they visit. If your organization requires volunteers and staff members to complete a screening plan, you can define screening plans and associate them with specific staffing resources.