Add a supply/equipment resource

1. From Tickets, under Configuration, click Resources. The Resources page appears.
2. On the Supplies/Equipment resources tab, on the action bar, click Add. The Add a supply/equipment resource screen appears.
3. Enter the name and description for the resource.
4. Select whether the resource is consumable or non-consumable. For example, a non-consumable resource is something you reuse such as a projector, electronic equipment, or chairs. A consumable resource is something you keep a quantity of on stock such as information packets, workbooks, or art materials.
5. In the Category field, select the group the resource belongs to. For example, you may have categories for audio/visual media, food, furniture, education, and crafts. To define categories, you edit the code table in Administration.
6. In the Quantity available field, enter the number of items that are available to use.
7. In the Quantity needed field, for consumable resources, select whether the amount of resources needed is specified on each event or on a per ticket basis. If it is based on per ticket, enter in the number of resources per ticket.
8. Under Group sales cost, select the pricing structure, No charge, Flat rate per resource, or Hourly rate per resource. If you select Flat rate per resource or Hourly rate per resource, enter the amount in the Cost per resource field.
9. Click Save. The resource record appears so you can perform additional configuration tasks. For example, you can add programs and taxes to the resource, as well as configure group type requirements. Group type requirements are helpful if certain types of groups, such as school groups, always use specific supplies/equipment resources when they visit.