Event Registration Form Options

When you approve a special event for the website to create a web form, it inherits default settings. You can edit these settings as necessary for each event registration form.

To configure the options for an event registration form, go to Web and click Manage event registration forms. On the Manage Event Registration Forms page, select an event with an active web form and click Options. The event registration form options appear. You can select a thumbnail for registrations in the shopping cart, the price types to display, the number of attendees that a website user can register, how long registrations remain in shopping carts, and when to indicate that an event is nearly sold out. You can also edit text that appears on the form.

Note: The program routes all transactions through a shopping cart, and you must configure payment settings for the shopping cart before you process transactions. The program uses a single shopping cart for all web forms. To create the shopping cart, go to Web and click Web payment settings under Configuration. For more information, see Create Shopping Cart.