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Recurring Pledge (Luminate Online) and Recurring Gift/Pledges (Luminate CRM)

A recurring pledge, having a given amount, will be associated with a campaign and with the constituent who made it. On Luminate Online, this data is found generally under the Sustaining Gifts tab; on Luminate CRM, it is found under the Recurring Gifts tab.

The Revision ID name for the Pledge object is:

Luminate Online Revision ID Luminate Online External Revision ID Luminate CRM Revision ID Luminate CRM External Revision ID
recurring_pledge_revision_id recurring_pledge.external_revision_id Pledge__c.Revision__c / Recurring_Gift__c.Revision__c Pledge__c.Convio_Revision__c / Recurring_Gift__c.Convio_Revision__c

The following fields are in the Pledge object:

  Universal Luminate Online Luminate CRM Data Type
  RecurringPledge recurring_pledge Recurring_Gift__c / Pledge__c  
ID CampaignId foreign_key (Xref) CampaignId Universal ID
  ContactUniversalId member_id Contact__c Universal ID
  ContactLocalId cons_id Contact__c Local ID
  ConvioSiteId site_id n/a Local ID
  LastSuccessfulPaymentTrasactionID transaction_id Transaction_ID_c (Opportunity) number
  LastSuccessfulPaymentLCRMID opportunity_id ID string
Recurrence Info StartDate donation_date Start_Date__c date
  LastPaymentDate last_payment_date Last_Payment_Date__c date
  NextPaymentDate8 next_payment_date Next_Due_Date__c8 date 6
  Frequency frequency various enum 1, 7
  Status recurring_pledge_status Recurring_Gift_Status__c / Pledge_Status__c enum 2, 7
  PaymentDay gift_day RecurrenceDayOfMonth__c number
  PaymentMonth donation_date RecurrenceMonthOfYear__c number
  PaymentType tender_type_id Payment_Type__c string 3
  PaymentCreditCardType tender_instance_id Credit_Card_Type_del__c string 4
  CreditCardNumberMasked9 bowdlerized_card_number Card_Number__c string
  CreditCardNumberLastFourDigits10 bowdlerized_card_number Card_Number__c string
  CreditCardExpirationDate11 expiration_date Card_Expiration_Date__c string
  TotalPaymentsProcessed number_of_payments Payments_Received__c number 6
  TotalPayments duration Number_of_Payments__c number 6
  IsDelayedSelfPledge is_dsp Delayed_Self_Pledge__c boolean
  LastPaymentStatus last_payment_status Last_Payment_Status__c string
  SeedTransactionId seed_transaction_id Seed_Transaction_Id__c string
Amounts InstallmentAmount gift_amount Recurring_Amount_Precise__c / Pledge_Amount_Precise__c currency 6
  TotalAmountProcessed running_total Amount_Received__c currency 6
  LastPaymentAmount Derived5 Last_Payment_Amount__c currency
  1. Frequency valid values: Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

  2. The values for Status vary between Luminate Online and Luminate CRM.:

  3. PaymentType valid values: Cash, Check, CreditCard, ACH, External

  4. PaymentCreditCardType valid values: AmericanExpress, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

  5. Derived from the fields gift_amount, initial_payment, and number_of_payments

  6. Includes bi-directional synchronization

  7. This is a picklist type in Luminate CRM, but is stored as an enumerated type in Luminate Online.

  8. This field will not synchronize if the gift is in a retry phase after a credit card failure. In Luminate Online, the Next Payment Date field indicates the date that the credit card will next be charged; in Luminate CRM, the Next Due Date field indicates when money is next owed on the recurring gift.

  9. This field will only be synchronized if the SDP CGE_SEND_CREDIT_CARD_LAST_FOUR_DIGITS is set to False (the default value). Only synchronizes one way, from Luminate Online to Luminate CRM.

  10. This field will only be synchronized if the SDP CGE_SEND_CREDIT_CARD_LAST_FOUR_DIGITS is set to True. Only synchronizes one way, from Luminate Online to Luminate CRM.

  11. Only synchronizes one way, from Luminate Online to Luminate CRM.