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Set up Social Login (Open Authentication)

Set up open authentication so constituents can log in to your site with their social account credentials, instead of creating a new registration on your site.

Note: 2019 Update - Janrain is now Akamai Identity Cloud. Most documentation now reflects the name Akamai, but some portions continue to use the legacy name of Janrain to match configuration options in Luminate Online and the Janrain Dashboard.

Note: Contact Luminate Customer Support for help resolving Akamai Identity Cloud issues with Luminate Online or Luminate CMS.

Enable open authentication:

  1. Click Constituent360 > Social Media.

  2. Click the Open Authentication tab.

  3. Click View/Change Janrain Account Parameters.

  4. Choose one of the following options and complete the steps:

    Note: Before you begin, disable blocker extensions in your browser, such as Google Chrome's uBlock or AdBlock. When blocking tools are enabled, the Janrain/Akamai account creation does not complete, and Engage apps are not created.

    • --OR--

  5. In Luminate Online, click Enable Open Authentication.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. Click Enable Janrain.

  8. In the message box that appears, click OK.

  9. Choose which data you want to pull from social accounts and save in the constituent's profile by selecting boxes in the Constituent Profile Data to Share Between Accounts section.

    Note: Not all social networking sites store all of the fields displayed.

  10. Add social account providers so they display in the Authentication Service Providers section as configured for use:

    Tip: See the Akamai (formerly Janrain) documentation for detailed steps to configure providers.

    1. Log into your Janrain Dashboard.

      Tip: If you do not see your Engage app listed, open the email from Akamai with the subject, "Engage Basic Sign-up Confirmation for AppName," and use the Janrain Dashboard link from the email.

    2. Click the Manage Engage App icon for your app.

    3. In the Providers section, click the Manage Providers icon.

    4. In the list on the right, click the name of a provider that you want to add.

      Note: Facebook requires a Facebook Developer account.

    5. Click Configure.

    6. Follow all steps in the popup setup guide or as outlined in the Akamai (formerly Janrain) documentation.

      Note: Enabled providers display on the Authentication Settings page in Luminate Online within a time frame of an hour to end of the day, depending on Akamai's update.

    7. Save and publish your configurations:

      1. Return to the Janrain Dashboard.

      2. In the Widgets and SDKs section, click Sign-Ins.

      3. Click Providers.

      4. Scroll to the bottom, and click select the Save and Publish radio button, and click Publish.

      Tip: If the provider cog wheel icon is green, that means it's configured and ready to use. If it is grey, it hasn't been configured yet.

  11. Verify that the whitelisted domains in the Janrain Dashboard include all domains that will host social login or social sharing links:

    1. Return to the Janrain Dashboard.

    2. Click the Manage Engage App icon for your app.

    3. In Settings, click the Domain Whitelist down-arrow.

    4. In the Domain Whitelist section, verify that all secure and nonsecure domains that might host your social login or share links display. If not, add them.

    5. Click Save.

  12. In Luminate Online, click Save.

Tip: The related action, Record Social Network Application Keys, is not necessary for setup of Akamai Identity Cloud. You can find all of these keys in the Janrain Dashboard after configuring Akamai.

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