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To add a member to a group from a Constituent Profile:

  1. Click Constituent360 > Constituents. The Find Constituent page displays.

  2. Enter the first few letters (at least 3 by default) of the Last Name or First Name and click Find.

  3. Click the Edit icon next to the name of the contact to add to your group.

    Note: If you will be adding to an Admin Security Group, you must select a contact who has the administrative security account profile; these contacts will have the admin flag ADMIN Flag in Profile in the Admin column of the Constituent List.

  4. Click the Groups tab. The groups page displays.

  5. Click the Edit Group Membership link in the Group Membership section. The Edit Group Membership page displays.

  6. Select the appropriate Group Type.

  7. Click Save to return to the Group Membership page of the constituent. The constituent is listed as a member of the group you selected.