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To use query results to create a Mail-Merge List (external CSV file)

Note: After you import query results into a spreadsheet using a mail merge, the number of records in the spreadsheet may be lower than the number of records in the query results. This happens because records that are marked "Deceased" are removed during the mail merge.

  1. Choose the Use Query link on the query Results screen.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, click the radio button for Create a Mail-Merge list and then click Go.

  3. On the New Mailmerge screen, observe and/or make changes to the following:
  4. Select Log mailmerge as interaction for constituents if you would like to enable this feature.

  5. Select the fields to include in the mailmerge by highlighting the fields on the left of your screen and clicking Add Selected. (Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple fields.) Use the Remove Selected button to move any unwanted choices back to the left of your screen.

  6. Click Next Step.

  7. Click Confirm. The new list should now appear on the Mailmerge List page.

  8. Click the Refresh button to update the Status of the list. When the Status indicates that the report has been Generated, you can download the mailmerge list (csv file) using the download icon.