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Provide a Transaction Receipt

View, generate, or regenerate a receipt for a one-time gift.

Tip: Some receipt options require Receipt Manager enablement. If you don't have Setup > Receipt Manager, contact Blackbaud. See PDF Receipts for information about Receipt Manager, including working with sustaining receipts.

To provide a receipt

  1. Go to Fundraising >Transactions.

  2. Use the Search feature to locate the transaction.

    Tip: To search by receipt number, use Setup > Receipt Manager.

  3. In the Actions column for the transaction, choose an action:

    • View Receipt - Opens a PDF to save or print. If Receipt Manager is not enabled, the link is Receipt.

    • Generate Receipt - Creates a receipt. A receipt may be appropriate for a transaction, but not yet issued, as would be the case if the tax deductible level initially set were lowered, making more transactions eligible for receipting. This option is available when Receipt Manager is enabled.

    • Regenerate Receipt - Recreates a receipt. This option invalidates the previous receipt and issues a replacement receipt with a new receipt number. This option is available when Receipt Manager is enabled.

  4. (Generate Receipt or Regenerate Receipt only)

    1. Select an option to deliver the receipt by built-in email or direct mail.

    2. Click Submit to display a confirmation page.

    3. (Optional)Click View Receipt to launch the PDF so you can print and mail a hard copy.

    4. Click Close.

For information relating to generating accurate tax receipts, see Enhanced Constituent Matching for Donations.