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Share the Report

You can share this report with other administrators so they can view the results. These administrators must set up in a group that you can select although you do not have to select the entire group - only specific members from it. To set up the group, refer to Manage Groups.

Note: These administrators do not need the permission to run reports

You can add a note to display within the email notification content.

To share this report with other administrators

  1. From the Group Selector displayed, click the Group Type of an appropriate group containing a member or members with whom this report should be shared. The list of Groups displays in the next pane.

  2. From the list of Groups, click the appropriate group. The list of group Members displays in the next pane.

  3. From the list of Members, click the appropriate names. The names move to the last pane.

  4. Repeat these steps until all of the appropriate administrators have been select.

  5. For Email Comments, enter the content to include with the email notification about this report when it finishes running.

  6. Click Next. The Review Criteria Summary page displays again with changes you have made.