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Autoresponder Center

The Autoresponder Center enables you to configure site default email message types that the system can send in response to certain actions taken by your constituents. You can configure the message envelope, stationery, and body content of these site default autoresponders to add text, formatting, and branding elements of your organization as well as create a consistent look and feel among them.

To help you get started, Luminate Online supplies suggested content for many of the autoresponders and places the Default Version as the first version of each autoresponder in a Version List. You cannot edit the Default Version, but you can copy it and make changes to the copied version.

The Registration autoresponders, which include welcoming new users who register on your site as well as requests by the users for their user name and passwords, are only accessible and editable from this Autoresponder Center.

Note: You can edit most of the autoresponders directly in their corresponding Luminate Online applications from the Autoresponder tab within the application. When you click the Autoresponder tab while in an application, the Active site default autoresponder displays and you can edit it to override the default content by adding pertinent information or deleting information that is not necessary. You can also choose not to send the autoresponder at all.

You do not need to configure site default autoresponders that you will not be using.

Autoresponders do not count toward the number of emails for which you are billed.

For information about the activities that trigger the autoresponders and who they are sent to, refer to Understanding Autoresponder Triggers and Recipients.

Access the Autoresponder Center

Preview a Site Default Autoresponder Version

Make Edits to an Inactive Version of an Autoresponder

Create a New Version of an Autoresponder from an Existing Version

Create a New Version of an Autoresponder from a Blank Format

Activate a New Version of a Site Default Autoresponder