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Configure the Receipt Autoresponder

You can modify the default Receipt Request autoresponder that the system automatically sends in response to a donor/shopper/ticket-purchaser who has requested a copy of a receipt for their transaction, when an admin regenerates a receipt from the constituent record for the transaction, or if a partial refund has been made on the transaction. This autoresponder email confirms the request and attaches a copy of the PDF receipt stored for the transaction.

From the Actions column of the autoresponder, you can:

To edit the Autoresponder content

To access this page, click Setup > Receipt Manager from the navigation bar, click Create a New Template or Edit from the Actions column of an existing template.

  1. On the Configure Autoresponders page, click Edit from the Actions column of the Receipt Request autoresponder.

  2. On the Envelope page, for:

    1. Sender’s Name, enter the name to display in the Inbox of a recipient.

    2. Sender’s Email Address, enter the email address where replies to this email should be sent.

    3. Subject Line, enter an appropriate phrase that is displayed to the receipient.

    4. Message Stationery, click the appropriate stationery option to determine the elements to display around the content of this email.

      Note: Security category assignments impact the stationery and templates that display for your center. See this topic for more information.

  3. Click Next.

  4. On the Edit HTML Content page, enter your content using the full power of the editor to insert images and links, create tables, apply styles, add colors, or other formatting. To access the Help topics for assistance with this Content Editor, click the Help link in the upper right of the Content Editor window.

  5. When finished entering content, click Next.

  6. On the Update Plain Text page:

    1. Click Update Plain Text to overwrite the content that displays in the editor with the content from the previous page. (Note that formatting and HTML-specific items are removed.)

    2. Review the text and make any adjustments to it (such as changing the spacing between paragraphs and adding descriptive lead-in words for links).

  7. Click Finish.

  8. Click Next to save this information and continue on to the step for leaving the template as a draft for now or publishing it.