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Record an offline donation in the constituent record

  1. In Constituent360 > Constituents, locate an existing constituent record or create a new one, click the Transactions tab.

  2. From the Enter a new gift or pledge drop-down list in the Gift Entry section, click the donation form with which the donation is associated and then click Go.

  3. On the Offline Donation Forms page:

    1. For Enter A Gift Amount, enter the monetary amount of the gift.

    2. From the Select a Payment Type drop-down list, click the appropriate option and enter any additional information required for that type (for example, a check number or the credit card information).

      Note: If this is an electronic bank account withdrawal, enter the bank routing number and bank account provided as well as click the checkbox to indicate donor's permission to use the bank account to make a contribution.

    3. If Send Donor Notification checkbox displays, click it to send this donor the notification.

    4. Click Next.

  4. On the Transaction Summary page, click Process.