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To register an event attendee

  1. From the:

  2. Click Add Event Attendee. The Attendee Selection page displays.

  3. To be sure you don't create a duplicate constituent record, click the Search for Existing Constituent radio button. The Constituent Search fields display.

  4. Enter as much information as you have in the fields and click the Search button. All existing constituent records that match are displayed in the Search Results list.

  5. If the Search Results:

  1. In the Quantity field of the Ticket area, enter the enter 1 (or, the appropriate amount as indicated by the attendee).

    Note: If the Guest List link has been enabled, the Show other event attendees this name checkbox will a checkmark by default. If this attendee has indicated that they do not want their name shown on the Guest List, click the checkbox to remove the checkmark.

  2. If the Additional Gift field displays, optionally enter the monetary amount that the attendee has indicated.

  3. If there are questions listed, either select or fill in answers as appropriate.

  4. For Reminder, optionally change the selection in the drop-down list from 1 day to the appropriate number.

  5. For Payment Method, if the attendee has paid:

  1. Click the Finish button. The Find Event Attendees page displays again.