Blackbaud Orientation Checklist

 Welcome, we're glad you're here!

Welcome to Blackbaud! After you watch our on-demand presentation about your Blackbaud resources, complete the steps below to get started on the road to success with your new Blackbaud solution!

Create your Blackbaud IDs

To access customer resources on Blackbaud's website, you need a Blackbaud ID. To receive a Blackbaud ID, you must accept an invitation from your organization's admin.

Note: Your organization should designate at least two admins. If your organization is new to Blackbaud, the person who received your contract via email is the first admin on Blackbaud's website. These admins also make users inactive when they leave your organization.

Explore Blackbaud University Training

Once you're logged into Blackbaud's website with your Blackbaud ID, you can review training options and begin registering for courses for your new solution.

Go to Blackbaud University >

Bookmark Support Resources

Be sure to review and bookmark these helpful support pages to use when you have a technical question or issue.

Connect to Community

The Blackbaud Community allows you to connect with other Blackbaud users and staff. Take advantage of our Community to learn about best practices, advice from other users, and to stay current on Blackbaud solution improvements.

Join the Blackbaud Community >

Review Billing and Renewal FAQs

Look for answers to common questions for the billing and renewal process.

See Billing and Renewal FAQs >

Have a question or need help?

Your Customer Success Team is here to help guide you. You can contact us at